Be alert to the 10 abnormal conditions of sex life

Be alert to the 10 abnormal conditions of sex life

Note for women:

hzh {display: none; }  同房出血。This is often the signal of cervical cancer such as cervicitis and cervical cancer.

Even if the amount of blood is very small, you can’t be numb and you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Because this may be the performance of the disease in the middle and late stages.

  Abnormal secretions.

This is mainly observed from the traits and odors of the secretions.

If the vaginal discharge is like bean dregs, it may be fungal vaginitis; if it is foamy, it should be protected against trichomonas vaginitis; vaginal secretions are grayish white, with fishy smell, may be bacterial vaginitis.

  Lower abdominal pain.

Sexual life after stomach pain, low back pain, may be related to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc., it is recommended to go to the hospital during non-menstrual period.

  The breast has agglomeration.

Hug and caress between husband and wife are good opportunities to find breast disease.

If you feel the tenderness of your breasts and you can feel agglomerated masses, you should consider whether it is related to breast tumors.

  Male precautions: erectile dysfunction.

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. Excluding age factors, if you have bad habits and often use high-fat, high-protein foods, it is likely to be associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Middle-aged and elderly people have low sexual desire.

If you have low sexual function and sexual dysfunction, accompanied by frequent irritability, easy sweating, body heat and other symptoms, it may be “male menopause”, it is best to go to the hospital male department for endocrine examination.

  The semen appears red.

The biggest possibility is blood, related to seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis.

However, blood vessel rupture caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. cannot be ruled out.

  Ejaculation disorders.

Including premature ejaculation, ejaculation attenuation and no ejaculation, these phenomena, in addition to being associated with diabetes, may also be predictive signals of systemic diseases and should be taken seriously.

  Sexual desire to advance.

Some men will be proud of their age and their sexual desire.

As everyone knows, excessive pursuit of sex may be sexual desire, and it may be pituitary tumors, prostatitis, etc.

  The penis is abnormally erect.

In addition to excessive sexual life, this is related to the frequent use of sex hormones in many people.

Nowadays, too many sex shop and pharmacy are selling some so-called aphrodisiac drugs, and promoting these drugs are pure Chinese medicine, with no toxic side effects.

Basically, there is no real meaning, but long-term use may lead to erectile dysfunction that may result in poor sexual function or even recovery.